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Fossil-Fuel Pollution and Climate Change

A New NEJM Group Series

Climate change has a direct impact on human health and medical systems. Underscoring our commitment to elevating awareness of the climate change crisis, NEJM Group publications – the New England Journal of Medicine, NEJM Evidence, and NEJM Catalyst – present a free article series on fossil-fueldriven health harms and effective strategies for reducing their risks.  

 NEJM Resident 360 also offers a podcast and an online discussion in which students, residents, and educators share how they are working with their institutions to incorporate climate change into their curricula.  

 Learn what you can do at 


Teaching & Learning with

Your site license includes access to articles, multimedia, and tools to help you support teaching, learning and medical care at your institution.

To Teach Diagnostic Skills

Case Challenge

See the case description from an upcoming Case Record of the MGH — but not the diagnosis. Vote on the diagnosis and choose which tests to order. Correct answers are published soon after.

Interactive Medical Cases

Virtually manage an actual peer-reviewed case through videos, lab results, and commentary.

Clinical Problem Solving

Follow top clinicians as they make decisions on data in stages to simulate a clinical setting.

Case Records of the MGH

Follow an actual case and learn about medical decision-making from expert physicians.

To Demonstrate a Procedure

Videos in Clinical Medicine demonstrate common clinical procedures. Peer-reviewed and chaptered for easy reference with PDF summaries available for download.

To Hone Diagnostic Skills

Images in Clinical Medicine

High-resolution images of common clinical presentations with accompanying explanations.

Image Challenge

Presents acclaimed NEJM medical image and asks viewers to make a diagnosis with immediate feedback.

To Review Treatment Options

Clinical Practice

Articles present a single case and then provide a complete description of treatment strategies, trade-offs, and guidelines.

Clinical Practice Center

Topical collections of clinical content, including “Clinical Pearls” from NEJM articles, NEJM Knowledge+ “Question of the Week,” and links to clinical content from NEJM Journal Watch.

To Support Physician Training

Resident Briefing

Weekly email with summaries of two current articles including “Clinical Pearls” and “Morning Report Questions” about an article’s key points.



The New England Journal of Medicine

Our flagship product, the New England Journal of Medicine, publishes peer-reviewed research, interactive clinical content, and continuing medical education programs for physicians, educators and the global medical community.

NEJM Journal Watch

NEJM Journal Watch Online is the leading source for clinically relevant summaries and perspective on the most important medical research and perspective on why it matters today. NEJM Journal Watch Online shares the NEJM Group commitment to the highest quality.

NEJM Catalyst

NEJM Catalyst provides health care executives, clinical leaders, and clinicians with daily content, monthly Insights Reports and quarterly events to help improve the delivery of health care in their organizations.

NEJM Evidence

NEJM Evidence is a clinical research journal focusing on providing context and critical evaluation of trial methods and results. Readers will go behind the scenes of early-stage discoveries and confirmatory trials that shape medicine and clinical decision-making.

NEJM Resident 360

NEJM Resident 360 supports trainees with the essential information they need to approach their rotations, careers, and life with confidence, including expertly chosen resources, blogs, and podcasts.

NEJM CareerCenter

NEJM CareerCenter offers physicians and residents job searching tools including automated Job Alerts, specialty and geographic search functionality, social media alerts, and helpful resources on physician careers.

NEJM Knowledge+

NEJM Knowledge+ is a unique adaptive learning platform designed to help clinicians meet certification requirements, prepare for board exams, and more easily incorporate lifelong learning into their schedules — with innovative features for residency and training programs.

NEJM Healer

NEJM Healer demystifies the clinical reasoning process and engages students in deliberate practice that better prepares them for each new stage of their clinical training, saving educators time and resources.