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Support Clinical Staff with NEJM Journal Watch Guideline Watch 2017

To help clinicians keep up with changing guidelines, NEJM Journal Watch offers the most clinically relevant updates of 2016–2017 in a free collection, NEJM Journal Watch Guideline Watch 2017.

The 90 physician-editors of NEJM Journal Watch regularly survey more than 250 medical journals to identify the most important new clinical information for readers, summarize the findings, and provide commentary that puts the results in context. For a feature called Guideline Watch, editors choose the most clinically impactful new guidelines, summarize key points, and identify what is new.

This collection of Guideline Watches from the past year includes updated recommendations for primary prevention of cardiovascular disease in adults, for colorectal cancer screening, and for diagnosing and managing COPD, along with 10 other guideline updates.

Register for NEJM Journal Watch and download NEJM Journal Watch Guideline Watch 2017, an excellent resource to share with clinicians to inform their practice.